5 Easy Steps to write Your Family Goals

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5 Easy Steps to write Your Family Goals


5 Easy Steps to Write Your Family Goals

Family goal setting can be an incredible bonding experience for everyone and gives you an opportunity to learn a lot more about each other. As busy moms, we struggle to find the time to use the bathroom, let alone gather everyone for an intense planning session about goals 10 years down the road. How do you get yourself organized enough into thinking long-term when daily life is in survival mode?

Keep it simple!

Go around and ask what everyone wants to do, see, experience in the next 5 to 10 years. This can be a simple dinner conversation or talk in the car. Make sure you spend at least as much time listening as you do talking! Assign someone to record the initial brainstorming session (voice to text works well…).

Take that information and condense it down into specific goals with timelines (i.e. Take a vacation to Colorado in May 2018 or Renovated the bathroom by November 2017). The SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-based) System is a good way to outline goals, but don’t get too bogged down with details! You and your family can go back later and make your daily, weekly, monthly timelines as in-depth and detailed as you want to make them. For now, just focus on getting your long-term goals written down.

Keep it positive!

Let yourself, your spouse and your kids dream. Avoid put-downs and negative comments. Cultivate creative thinking about goals and how to accomplish them. Some goals may be more difficult to get motivated to do like household projects. Try to keep an equal balance of “fun” to “boring” goals to keep everyone engaged.

Challenge yourselves!

Replace “if only” mentality with “how” mentality.  Instead of thinking “if only we had more money, we could…,” focus on “how can we make or budget money for …?” Create a family atmosphere that encourages growth and positive forward momentum (your kids’ future employers and clients will appreciate it!).

Think about it!

Put a copy of your list on your fridge, bathroom mirror or other prominent spot in your home. Talk about your goals with your family around the dinner table. Tell other people about your goals. Make a collage of photos or phrases about your goals. Give yourself and your family small rewards for accomplishing goals.

Be Flexible!

Every 6 months, review your goals list and see what you have done. Make changes, add new goals, adjust timelines. As we all know, life can throw some crazy curve balls at us. Keep your old lists so you can review them in a few years. I love looking back to see how much we have accomplished and how priorities and goals have changed over the years.

Here is my FREE Family Goals Download for you to use.

At a loss for ideas…

Here is a list of 20 potential goals. Take them, chew on them and make them your own.

  1. Pay off student loans
  2. Pay off mortgage
  3. Go on a nice vacation
  4. Go on a mission trip
  5. Travel across the USA
  6. Start a family business
  7. Start a non-profit for your area of ministry
  8. Write a book (or blog)
  9. Remodel your home
  10. Buy a new home
  11. Start a family journal & take turns writing in it
  12. Start a family exercise plan
  13. Volunteer as a family at a local food pantry
  14. Walk or run a 5k for a local charity
  15. Read an entire book together every week or month
  16. Do a building project together
  17. Take vocal, dance or martial arts classes together
  18. Start a mini-farm
  19. Host an exchange student
  20. Buy a new vehicle

Thank you for staying tuned! Please share and leave a comment about your family goals.

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