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Welcome to the adventure!

Being a mom is hard. Cooking, Cleaning, Dishes, Bath time, Laundry, Homework….

Where can you turn for practical advice and resources from real moms in the field?

Mom2mom.info is the connection between moms for encouragement and advice; bringing wisdom from experienced (and less experienced) moms along the way. We provide practical tips and tricks to make life a little easier and less lonely in the busyness of mothering. So, whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed (or both!), use cloth diaper or disposable, eat organic or prefer the drive-thru, you will find a safe place here at mom2mom. Hang onto your hats and buckle your seatbelts! And come join us in this crazy journey we call “motherhood.”

Hi. I’m Rachel, creator and main contributor to mom2mom.info. I’m a registered nurse and former foster mom turned stay-at-home nurse, cook, housekeeper, educator and family manager. I love to organize (or at least think about it) and am always looking for ways to make my household run more efficiently. My life goal is to enjoy a good cup of coffee and dark chocolate while sitting in a quiet, peaceful space to read!

If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be practical!  My enjoyment of the simple life is what drove me to start mom2mom.info. Unfortunately, I have found, children do not come with how-to instructions for everyday life and there is no formula for being the perfect mother. I wanted to have a place for moms to exchange our creative ideas. Like you, I believe in having the freedom to not just survive, but to thrive in motherhood.

I’ve been happily married to my husband Daniel for 10 amazing years and have 3 beautiful children: Boo (4 ), Little Man (3) and Miss Pudgekins (6 months). Our family has been blessed to grow through both birth and foster adoption – two of my greatest passions! You will see many posts on subjects I have (and will) encounter in raising my busy blessings.

My days are spend exploring the world with my trio, cooking fun, healthy food, managing my busy (and, at times, chaotic) household and, in the mix, saving a little sanity time with my fellow moms. In my spare time (haha…), I enjoy volunteering as a nurse and client consultant at a local life-affirming crisis pregnancy center where I mentor new moms.

Thank you for reading and joining me here at mom2mom.info.  Please leave your feedback and ideas in the comments. I would be honored to hear your unique perspective as I strive provide other readers (and myself) with valuable, tried-and-true wisdom to be the best moms we can be!